April 18, 2021

Does Islam Oppress Women?

When i read this quote I smiled realizing how true this was. I could never understand how a man could possibly understand what we women go through. Just as I don’t understand how men could understand what we women experience, I can’t understand where people who don’t practice a particular faith, or have depth knowledge about this, make assumptions about it. Living in the particular States, it is wonderful in many ways. We have freedom of Religion, Freedom associated with Speech, and Freedom to be that we are.

However , with that freedom comes many dangers, such as making common sense calls about other people’s faith. This can be dangerous regardless of whose faith it is. This is how this article has been founded. Often people will tell me, that Islam oppresses women. I start to smile at that comment, because We realize that what is common knowledge in my experience is not so common to everyone else.

Does Islam Oppress Women? Simply no Islam actually liberates women. You may ask how? Below I have created 5 ways that Islam liberates women:

1 . Islam gave women the ideal to inherit 1400 years ago!
2 . Islam gives the woman the choice to pick her husband.
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Islam why don’t the woman keep all of her cash when she works, her father, brothers, or husband is to take care of all of her needs. (So she is spoiled and treated like a princess)
4. Islam treats the women equal to the men. She is judged by her piety, good deeds, and righteousness like any other human being.
five. Islam asks a Muslim Woman to put on the hijab only because she is a pearl, and pearls are covered in oysters. So a Muslim Woman’s beauty is also covered, and saved for those most precious to her.

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