May 18, 2021

Express Yourself With Your Clothes: Let The Colors and Styles of Your Clothing Reveal Who You Are

Everything you wear, how and where you put them on to could be powerful ways to express yourself without words. The colors and styles of the clothes are strong non-verbal cues you can use to communicate to people around you. To express yourself more consciously with the clothes you wear, it is necessary you know the meaning or significance of different colors. This knowledge will guide you in choosing the colors of clothes you buy. In this piece we are going to look at exactly what each color of the rainbow indicates and how you can use the colors of your clothes to express yourself in a way that is exclusive to your personality.

There are seven natural colors that form a rainbow, these colors are red, lemon, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. In nature white is not a color on its own but the mixture of all the seven rainbow colors. Dark is also not a color but the lack of all the rainbow colors. In painting there are three primary colors- reddish, green and blue. Other colours are called secondary colors and are created or obtained either by mixing any two or more of the primary color colors. White paint is a mixture of the three primary colors.

In textile industries, different dyes are used to produce varieties of colors and designs of clothes. The colors of dyes used in generating the colors of clothes are exactly like those in the rain bow even though some colors used in the fashion industry are derived from the colors within nature.

Meaning of The Seven Colors in Nature and How You can Use It in Choosing the Colors of Your Clothes

All the seven colors within nature are symbols of some spiritual characteristics or attributes, every person has some spiritual characteristic (virtues as they are known in the Christian communities). These spiritual characteristics are the underlying traits in every personality kind. You can choose the colors of your clothing based on the predominant traits in your character, in such a way that you can use none verbal tips to highlight the good traits in your personality.
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Now let us take a moment and look at the spiritual meanings of the seven colors:

Red: Red is the colour of blood, it is a sign of energy, interest, passion, enthusiasm, energy plus security. You can use red clothes to express yourself as someone who is passionate, vibrant, energetic and enthusiastic. As red is a very ” loud color” it is important to know when to wear an outfit that is all red or when to mix red tops, red blouses with skirts or pants of different colors like black jeans, black skirts, white pants, white-colored skirts or any other color that can go with (match) red clothe.

Yellow-colored or gold: This is the color of the sun, signifying clarity of thought, orderliness, good memory and good making decisions skills, it is the color associated with knowledge, royalty, and majesty. You can wear clothes with solid yellow or gold color or clothes with yellow-colored and gold floral background or even designs to express yourself as a person who is orderly, with clarity associated with thoughts and good decision making abilities.

Orange: This color is a sign of creativity, playfulness, equilibrium, experience, exuberance, freedom from boredom and relief. Wear clothes with either solid orange color, or floral orange color designs or experience to express yourself as an exuberant, daring person with great sense of humor plus creativity, someone who is well balanced and capable of laughing at yourself with your mistakes without losing your own worth or focus.

Blue: This is actually the color of deep Ocean and blue sky, it is a sign of spiritual depth. Blue color is always associated with humility and knowledge. Use clothes with either solid blue colour, blue backgrounds or blue flower designs to express yourself as someone that is gentle, humble and yet experienced.

Green: This is the color of life along with nature, it signifies harmony, compassion, health, abundance, balance, growth plus expansion. Wear clothes with possibly solid green background or floral green designs to express yourself as someone who is full of life, younger, always ready and willing to understand. Let the colors of your clothes show you as someone who is gentle and very close to nature.

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