May 18, 2021

Top 3 Most Common Sexually Transmitted Illnesses

Common sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) may not be as common as the common cool, but the variety of STDs and the number of individuals who have contracted them are already extremely significant in number for us in order to list the top 3 most common sexually transmitted disease. Along with the list is a short explanation of the condition, along with its symptoms.

Syphilis, also known as Syph, Pox and Bad Blood, is one of the most common sexually transmitted disease. This disease is usually passed or acquired due to direct contact with the particular wound or the sore. This is passed on by bacteria that are called spirochetes that can get inside your body throughout sexual activity. Upon getting into your body, each goes further and go to your blood and internal organs. The incubation period of this disease is about ten times to three months, averaging at about twenty one days. This common sexually carried disease’s symptoms are, at first, sores that are painless, which usually indicate where the germs entered. The next symptoms are usually rashes, loss of hair, and throat infection, among others. These signs are usually long gone in about two to 4 weeks, but if this goes untreated, signs might reappear in later years.

Gonorrhea, also offers the nickname GC, Drip, plus Clap, is another common sexually transmitted disease. This disease is usually passed through direct get in touch with between mucous membranes that are contaminated, such as the genitals, anus, and the mouth of one person with mucous membranes of another. Contaminated fingers can pass the organism from contaminated mucous membranes to the eyes as well. Sometimes, there are no symptoms experienced from this common sexually transmitted disease, but for those that experience symptoms, these are burning and probably painful urination and pus discharges for the men because of the disease of the urethra, while a genital discharge may be experienced by the women. Complications that might be acquired from this STD are pelvic inflammatory disease, sterility for men and women, arthritis, blindness, meningitis, heart damage, kidney damage and skin rashes, among others.

HIV/AIDS or even Human Immunodeficiency Virus infection/ Acquired Immune Deficiency is another common std. This disease first occurred within Africa and thereafter spread towards the Caribbean Islands. It was reported in the united states in 1981, and later on instances were reported in other countries. This std spread so rapidly and so broadly that it soon occurred in crisis proportions in several courtiers of the entire world. The case for this disease is currently pandemic.
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There are several modes of transmission of this disease. HIV/AIDS may be transmitted via sexual contact, blood transfusion, polluted tools such as syringes, needles, nippers and razor blades, direct contact with an open wound or mucous membranes with contaminated blood, body fluids, semen and vaginal discharges. Associated with this disease are loss of hunger, weight loss, fever of unknown origin, malaise, persistent diarrhea, tuberculosis, and skin cancer, among others. In the early stages, a person with this disease may experience loss of concentration, loss of libido, apathy, psychomotor retardation and withdrawal.

Avoidance is one’s best ally towards these diseases, and knowledge about these types of common sexually transmitted diseases is among the best steps one could ever get as a precaution. The next best thing to complete is to get tested to ensure that one is not afflicted with this disease.

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