One particular creature that has forever amazed me is the pet parrot. My aunt had a pet parrot and as a child, I used to enjoy visiting her. The parrot was amusing and extremely helpful. Since my husbands death, I have already been alone. This had lead myself to spend a lot of time looking at aged pictures. More so, the ones of when I was a child and visiting my aunt to see her parrot. The pictures made me think if I should purchase a parrot to replace the vacuum left in my life.

The problem was that I did not know anything at all, about caring for a parrot. Time and patience were the one things needed according to my aunt. The Crisis was that patience had not been my strong point. With the correct care I knew a bird would be the perfect pet for me. I might give the parrot friendship and in come back, it would become my buddy.
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The particular library would be the perfect place to put up on how to look after pet chickens.

The library book was ideal, packed with notes. It advised purchasing a big enough cage to allow the parrot to move around comfortably, to distribute its wings. Day-by-day, I would have to place paper at the bottom of the parrot cage. This would catch all mess plus food. This wouldn’t be a glitch, I always have the hoover on standby. The bird would also need toys to keep it entertained as well as a perch to stand on. Don’t forget the food and water bowls.

Some parrots also like to take a wash in clean water so I should provide a small bird bath as well. Most importantly, it needed a varied diet to gain all the vitamins it required. Certain grain foods, nuts, vegetables and fruit are ideal things to feed them. After reading the book, I realised that keeping a parrot is not trouble-free work. It didn’t put me off though since there was also the prospect of teaching it how to talk. Apparently vocal contact is exceedingly important, that was OK with me as sometimes I in no way shut up. The next day, I went to the pet shop. There I came across the most friendly pretty African grey Parrot. The staff member said it was a very loving bird. The staff member seemed to be able to give me further pointers like not using chemicals to clean the cage. So I bought the competition, toys, food and water bowls, some more books and of course the parrot.

Dolly is the name of my brand new parrot and she is such a great friend. We bonded straight away and I can’t imagine life without her. A lot of the advice, tips and tips that have been given to me came from the web. From the internet, I learned how to place them on cloud nine to what to accomplish if they were ill.