February 26, 2021

Contemporary Garden Design – Artistic Mayhem Or Design?

When it comes to designing a garden, there are two different philosophies about how to do it. Yet both philosophies can truly be considered art. One might be called art by design. This is when someone envisions their completed garden in their mind. They can see where they will spot plants, fountains, and statues. They can see the colors of the plants and flowers. These people know exactly where everything will be and how it will look when it is done.

Another philosophy might be considered artistic chaos. It involves creating a garden without a preconceived plan in mind. Some consider this more of a modern garden design.
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Yet modern garden design really can be either-or both. Freeform, unstructured design that is somewhat chaotic is modern garden design. It is similar to modern art where an artist paints whatever comes to mind in a completely unstructured, somewhat chaotic way. Yet, contemporary garden design can also be carefully planned. Or there may be elements of both in your own modern garden. Today there are a large number of different plants and flowers and accessories you can incorporate into your garden to make it your personal.

These days the world is a much smaller location than it used to be. We can speak with people around the world almost instantaneously. You can purchase items from anywhere in the world and have them delivered to you-and it’s not as expensive as it once was. So you can now choose plants that are native to many other areas of the world to include in your modern or modern garden design, as well as local species.

While some plants are certainly not native to your area, you may find they can thrive in your environment nonetheless. Before you decide to consider purchasing and importing incredible plants, you should research the type of climate, temperatures, and growing season a plant thrives in before making the investment. But you may be surprised to learn that some of the plants readily available in your local stores today were looked at as exotic only 20 or 30 years back.

Another great innovation that provides greater versatility in contemporary garden design may be the sprinkler systems you can have installed nowadays. You can set these sprinklers on timers, control the amount of water that will be dispensed, and in so doing, you can almost simulate the native environment that a plant is accustomed to. This provides you with additional options not really previously available.

Greenhouses can be designed to regulate the humidity level for the plants. Soils of all qualities plus types can be brought in from other places. Many other things can also be cultivated to make the perfect environment for the modern garden design you desire.

Contemporary garden design often includes much more than flowers and plants. Typical home gardens in the not-too-distant past usually only included a handful of gnomes and a birdbath. Today landscapes often incorporate beautiful and creative elements that may be exotic, domestic, or even both according to each person’s personal taste.

The Internet is one more way a lot of things in the world have become more accessible to all of us. This is one of the reasons today’s modern garden design can incorporate so much more options than ever before. A simple online search on the phrase “garden sculpture” or “garden statue” will generate greater than 5, 000 different options. Locally, you could probably only find a couple of number of different statues or sculptures to pick from.

In addition to sculptures and statues, you will also find gazing balls, decorative backyard stones, holiday decor, and much, a lot more. And if you like them, you’ll also find pink plastic flamingos and colorful garden gnomes, as well. Whether you like a contemporary garden design having modern decor or retro style garden accessories like these, there is so much to choose from these days that you are bound to come across something you will love.

Just by taking a look at a person’s garden, you can tell the about that person’s interests and personality. Contemporary garden design is all about building a garden that expresses your individual tastes. Regardless of whether you prefer a structured, planned design or a more chaotic expression involving

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