January 16, 2021

Marry a Rich Man – Here Are Five Crucial Tips To Help You Find and Marry a Rich Man – Use These Now!

Good news first – attracting a rich man is same game as attracting any other guy, they are still attracted to same qualities in women. Bad news – rich men have more options and can afford to be more picky. You need an advantage. You need a plan.

1 – Catch His Eye
Men are simple creatures – their eyes go for good looks and only if he likes what he sees will he ask any other questions. So get into the gym, go to plastic surgeon if you think you have to, but get your looks in top shape before you go hunting.

2 – Class and Elegance
A bit vague – basically you want to look like a wife material, not like a one night stand. You can and should dress in sexy manner but it must be kept elegant and classy.

3 – Go Hunting
Find a woman friend in a rich neighborhood. Get the sweetest puppy you can find in pet store, but still large enough to walk on his own.
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Then go visit your rich friend and while you’re there walk the adorable little puppy in the rich neighborhood. Flirt shamelessly and get phone numbers. Get your friend to gossip on her neighbors and listen for anything about single, recently divorced etc.

4 – Act Unimpressed By Money
He can never get the impression that you are a gold digger. If he buys you an expensive gift early on, jokingly accuse him of “trying to buy you”. Be careful not to overdo it or he will see through the trick. If the subject comes up, mention you would be fine with a reasonable prenuptial agreement, but make sure the “reasonable” is in your favor.

5 – Smile, Laugh, Charm
Be the bright spot of his day, the sun that always shines. Learn to tell jokes, learn to listen carefully. Find a good book on emotional intelligence and body language then put that knowledge to use. Do not nag or make him uncomfortable in any way.

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