January 16, 2021

Make Hip Hop Beats – 3 Ways to Making Hip Hop Beats

1 ) The Drums

If you’re a fan of hip hop you know that the best beats have the fattest drum sounds and the most popular rhythms. When it comes to making hip hop beats your drums need to be banging. The drums are the foundation of your defeats so you want to make sure your carol sounds are rock solid and hit harder than Mike Tyson.

Before you even begin laying the drums down you want to pick your noises. The drum sounds you choose may determine the feel and style of your own beat.

For example , we wouldn’t select “hard” drum sounds for an RnB song because it would kill that smooth RnB vibe. So using a good library of drum noises to choose from is a must. While some defeat makers have hot drum seems that really BANG, others will be low quality causing your beats to sound cheap and flat (I’ll talk about more with you in a moment about finding beat software with quality sounds so your beats bring fire).

Now that you’ve chosen the type of your drum sounds, it’s time to make a hip hop beat!
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2 . The particular Rhythm

The rhythm is going to be the “flow” of your beat. Typically you would like to make the rhythm match or follow the drum beat. The rhythm is also what rappers sync their words of the tune up to. Great Hip-Hop artists get this amazing ability to “dance” their phrases around the rhythm, dropping your mouth in awe at their musical and rhythmic abilities.

A excellent example of rhythm is rock guitarists. In a rock band, usually one guitarist plays a rhythm that flows similar to the drums while the “lead” guitarist plays the melody. Which leads all of us to the next point…

3. The Tune

The melody is the “hook” that grabs the listener and leaves them wanting more. This is the primary line of the song that is replaying through your mind over and over again.

When you’re producing the melody choose to hold a few notes longer than others. When each note plays the same duration the melody won’t have that will dynamic “Wow factor” and you would have a hard time keeping the interest of your audience. So try to hit a few notes, then have a slight pause or two somewhere in the middle, then finish your melody. Leaving space between notes will make your melodies even more interesting.

Also, the main melody or even “hook” of a hip hop beat can be a vocals. When making hip hop beats your possibilities are limitless!

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