January 16, 2021

Exactly why Use a Secured Business Credit Card More than Cash Or Cheque?

A few business owners prefer cash or debit for their day to day purchases; however this is most often based on the assumption that they are saving money, that is for the most part false.

Consider how everyday cash transactions are conducted, particularly in the case of small businesses. You take some cash from petty cash, write up a page in the expense report, take a customer out to lunch or perhaps go to purchase some materials. You end up with a pocket full of change. Perhaps you simply hold on to it for the coffee fund, but small cash wastage like that can also add up very quickly! That’s just a gentle example; in some cases employees have been proven to pocket noticeable amounts of cash.

Inspections are even more dangerous to your company’s assets though, particularly if you use them for bill payment purposes via the mail. Often thieves will steal mail, sort out the check and alter them to steal potentially thousands of dollars. Consider the possible consequences when paying for small things via check that could just as easily be handled distantly with a secured card.

In the end the best reason to choose secured business credit cards is that you can save your company money and headaches in the long run. The secured choice in particular (being based on using your very own funds as collateral in a security deposit) allows the card to function really similarly to a debit account, only with the greater security and simplicity of tracking of other credit cards
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