June 6, 2020

Work at Home Data Entry Jobs

Besides online surveys, data entry is probably the best way to work from home and make sufficient income just like you would if you had full time traditional 9 to 5 job. Data entry online involves entering data into online spreadsheets, web pages, databases and other application using a keyboard or other input devices. Data entry requires few skills to do, including basic knowledge on using computers, online applications, file types and common data types.

To be a successful doing home based data entry, you need to have a high typing speed and a reliable broadband internet connection. Your computer must also be fast enough and have common applications installed for seamless work environment. This kind of venture will require a certain amount of startup investment to get you off the ground but has potential to reward you within a very short time, sometimes in a matter of hours.

There are many work from home data entry opportunities on the internet. If you find the right job for you, it is likely to be either of these: Marketing typing, worldwide data-entry processing, Data-collection researcher or assistant, home secretarial work, outsource data processing, virtual assistant, article Typist, response typist or data proofreader, file conversion or medical transcription.

To earn sufficiently working as a data processor, it will take more than having a good computer and other resources. The three most important qualities are dedication, punctuality and accuracy.


People often take it that entering data online is the best and guaranteed way to make money through the internet. To some extent, this could be true but you will never make a dime unless you are dedicated to the work you are doing. This is some sort of employment that allows people to work from the comfort of their homes and you report to the client. The type of data work you will start with will probably be tedious and new to you but it is important you understand before you start that this kind of work is profile based. This means that clients will approach you or accept your bids only if you fit a certain criteria, the more ratings you get, the more established you become in the business. In a nutshell, you will earn big money with time.


Most online data entry jobs are project oriented and rely heavily on timing to succeed. Whenever clients give out projects, they give deadlines that the service provider must beat. Failing to beat this may mean that you will not be paid and you lose chances of getting more gigs in the future. If you are punctual and are time conscious, then you will have an easy time climbing the ladder of success in the world of freelance writing because clients will come back for you whenever they have projects and you will earn more ratings.
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Most jobs that are given to freelancers come with precise instructions and you have to follow each one of them to the latter. For instance, a client may want a document formatted in a letter page with 1-inch margin all round and font Arial size 14. Not following such detailed instructions will cause the client to ask you to redo the work or even refuse to pay.

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